Strange Horizons poetry podcast

My voice is now on the internet in the Strange Horizons poetry podcast for July: listen to the podcast here! It is so weird to listen to myself doing a poetry reading. I like reading out loud,* but I haven’t ventured too much into actually performing my poetry. I’m fine with reading my own stuff […]

Poetry sale: Plunge Magazine

I’m back from a wonderful trip to the UK – much silliness, laughter and shenanigans ensued in London, Elmswell and Deganwy. I swam in a glacial lake in my underwear, took lots of photos of castles and the Welsh hills, watched trolling Saruman and enjoyed myself muchly in the company of dear friends. The only […]

‘Wolf Daughter’ online at Strange Horizons!

I feel like a fool because my poem ‘Wolf Daughter’ has been online at Strange Horizons for a week, and I’ve failed to notice before now! Read it here! Anyway! This is my celebratory wee-hours-of-the-night post. I feel really happy to have a poem in Strange Horizons – it’s a wonderful publication full of really […]