Sunday recs: Issue 10 of inkscrawl

Longlong time no recs. I’ve been wandering the fields of exhaustion; the novel project is still ongoing, and I’ve got far too many other things heaped on my plate as well (work, of course, is the main thing). The novel progresses; but I’m annoyed at myself for being slower with it than I expected, annoyed […]

Sunday recs: poetry from the classroom

I’m teaching a literature tutorial this spring, and in our final class on poetry, I made my students read some speculative poetry. I wanted them to see that poetry can involve any genre, and be more than just the classic (and wonderful!) stuff we’ve been reading. So here are the poems from newer writers that […]

“Storm-yarn” in issue 9 of inkscrawl!

The newest issue of inkscrawl is up – and with it, my poem “Storm-yarn”. I’m really looking forward to reading the other poems in this issue – guest editor Bogi Takács has got together some really exciting poets! And a nice big issue. Yesss. I wrote “Storm-yarn” in August specifically for the submission call for […]

Poetry sale to inkscrawl

More publication news, yay! My poem “Storm-yarn” is forthcoming in Issue 9 of the lovely inkscrawl, guest-edited by Bogi Takács. I’m really happy with this! “Storm-yarn” is a recent poem but based on an old story idea that never went anywhere. Worked out in poem form at least. 🙂

Poems, poems! (inkscrawl & origami)

The June issue of inkscrawl is out! (Well, it came out last week already, but I was busy travelling so didn’t have the chance to post about it.) Huzzah! It looks wonderful and I can’t wait to read the rest of the poems. So happy to be a contributor – I’ve loved inkscrawl for years. […]

Poetry sale to inkscrawl

First sale of 2015 – my poem “Betweening” will appear in issue 8 of the lovely magazine inkscrawl. Yay! I’ve loved the concept and content of inkscrawl for ages, so it’s fantastic to be a contributer too.

Sunday recs: inkscrawl

inkscrawl is a delightful online publication dedicated to minimalist speculative poetry. The poems in it never fail to delight, and since I loved the newest issue (#7), I wanted to give it a shout-out. Poems I especially enjoyed (but please do read the whole issue – it sings so well as a collection): Queen of […]

inkscrawl: the journey

It’s half past midnight; I should be in bed. I can never manage this go-to-sleep early thing, even on work nights… *sigh* But before I rush off to brush my teeth and do my physiotherapy exercises (for my neck/back), a quick rec: inkscrawl is a lovely poetry magazine, publishing speculative poetry of ten lines or […]