Whinging and worldbuilding

The pressure to come up with a brilliant post after a long time of not posting: I have it. So, I’ll just get this out, sans brilliance, but posted at least! I haven’t been writing too much recently. In the past month, I’ve written just a couple of poems and such – oh, and my […]

Morning pages experiment

So. I said I’d blog about morning pages, so here goes! Definition Morning pages. Brief definition for those who don’t feel like clicking the link above (in which Julia Cameron outlines the original concept): morning pages are three longhand pages written in the morning. They don’t have to be – shouldn’t be – amazing writing. […]

Peppermint tea and a new moon

Warning for rambling just-before-bedtime thoughts. I’m drinking peppermint tea and eating my second slice of berry pie. I haven’t done any writing today even though I was supposed to (both academic and creative) – well, apart from my morning pages (I’ve started a trial run again; I’ll blog about it later, perhaps). Today I’ve thought […]