Sunday recs: Court of Fives and other stories

Firstly: get yourself a copy of Kate Elliott’s newest book, Court of Fives. I finally got myself one and glommed the book in a few breathless sessions. I would’ve read it in a single day (I got halfway through in a few hours on my first reading session) but I was helping people move on […]

‘Looking-Glass Lover’ free to read in Niteblade

I just noticed that Issue #28 of Niteblade has received enough funding that it’s fully free to read online. So, if you haven’t done so already, off you go to read my poem ‘Looking-Glass Lover’ and the rest of the great poetry and prose in the issue! I’m going out to enjoy the lovely warm […]

Niteblade #28 is now online!

Niteblade #28 is online here – titled after my poem 🙂 A snippet of my poem ‘Looking-Glass Lover’ is here. To get the whole issue free to read online, Niteblade relies on donations and purchases – so if you want to get the issue for everyone to read, consider buying yourself a super cheap .epub, […]

Niteblade Fundraiser 2014

Niteblade is a great fantasy/horror magazine, with an awesome mix of prose and poetry in each issue. And now it’s time for the annual fundraiser. If you want to help Niteblade continue doing its awesome thing, consider donating a few (or more) dollars at the fundraising campaign site here! In addition to feeling good about […]

‘Bitter Mnemosyne’ available online!

Tonight, after my work day followed by two hours of volunteer work for a folk music organisation whose board I’m in, I’ve been doing poetry stuff. Submitted a few poems; edited a poem from February that I came across in my notebook; decided to read that and another short poem at tomorrow’s writers’ group meeting. […]

Two things: Through the Gate and Niteblade

My two forthcoming poems have now forthcome! ‘Boat-husk’ is available now in issue 4 of Through the Gate. Read it here. ‘Boat-husk’ is part of my worldbuilding-through-writing experiment: before I start to write a novel set in this forest world, I’m writing poems and short(ish) stories set in it, to get a feel for the […]

Sunday recs: Zombies, gender fluidity, alternative families

Time for Sunday recs! I’ve been reading some excellent stuff lately – poetry too, but let’s go for prose first. Story recs So, zombies are pretty much everywhere these days, but I haven’t actually read that much zombie fiction. (My consumption has been in the form of comics and films.) This story in Niteblade is […]

Poetry sale to Niteblade

News of yay: my poem ‘Bitter Mnemosyne’ will be appearing in the fantasy and horror magazine Niteblade. Am very pleased that this poem has found such a good home! It’s about memory, cherries, and a journey to the underworld. Greek mythology was one of my childhood’s great inspirations, so of course such themes surface occasionally […]