Sunday recs: My favourites from Interfictions #2

So, there was a lot of awesome stuff in Issue #2 of Interfictions (my Orthography: A Personal History is in some great company!). Here are three pieces that especially struck me:

My Language, My Voice by Alexandra Seidel really resonates with me. Lovely so have such a bilingual exploration in Interfictions. My own piece had snippets of the sort, but Seidel approaches it from a different viewpoint. A familiar one. OK, so in creative writing I am mostly rather monolingually English, but when it comes to everyday being, it’s two languages in tandem all the time. (I should do a post on bilingualism at some point, actually.)

Peel by Maria Romasco-Moore is a great example of what you can do with poetry comics. It’s a form I’d love to explore properly at some point.

The Mechanism of Moving Forward by Nikki Alfar is historical fiction that feels like speculative fiction. Beautifully written, this story felt like perfectly brewed sencha drunk from a blue-patterned cup.