“Munankuorikehto” out in Spin magazine

My Finnish-language flash fiction piece about fairies, “Munankuorikehto” (‘Egg-Shell Cradle’), is out in the Turku Science Fiction Society’s magazine Spin! Huzzah! Here is the link to the issue itself (in Finnish).

It came out a couple of weeks ago already, but I was unaware of the fact because I haven’t received my contributor’s copy yet. However, I’m planning to go and check out the magazine in the Academic Bookstore today. I’ve never had my name featured on the front cover of a magazine before, so I think I’m permitted some squee!

Sorry all you non-Finnish-speakers: this story is doubly locked from you due to being a) in Finnish and b) in print only. It’s one of those stories that just came to me in Finnish from the start. I’m so pleased this got published – my first publication ever in Finnish!