Story sale: “City of Wings and Song” to Lackington’s

I’m giddy with happiness to be able to announce that my story “City of Wings and Song” will appear in Lackington’s, one of my dream markets. Lackington’s is an amazing magazine with ever-luminous prose, and I’m honoured to be included among their authors!

My story will be part of the Birds issue, coming out this autumn. Birds aplenty appear in “City of Wings and Song”, a story about freedom and rebellion and poetry.

I’m especially happy about making this sale to a dream market because this is the first story I wrote, this summer, after a long creative drought caused by exhaustion. I hand-wrote the first draft of this baby, and enjoyed it, but I love what it became in revision even more. I hope you enjoy it too, later this autumn! I look forward to seeing what the issue is like as a whole — Lackington’s issues are always wonderfully put together.