“City of Wings and Song” is out!

My story “City of Wings and Song” is out in the newest issue of Lackington’s — Issue 20, a double anniversary issue on the theme of Birds.

The issue is currently available for purchase in ebook form, and I definitely recommend getting it — Lackington’s is impeccably edited and their stories always work in conversation with each other, so it’s a treat reading the entire issue. The stories will all be available online eventually, though!

“A whir of wings, a stir of song. The market is waking.”

In a queernorm world, Talirr enters a city of captive birds; rebellion and the dangerous magic of poetry ensue. I’m really proud of this story, and am especially pleased with my poet protagonist (and that I included poetry within the prose!). I hope you enjoy these birbs.

I’m looking forward to reading all the other stories in this issue! I can already recommend one of them to you: I beta-read Karolina Fedyk‘s story ” A Map to a Future Unlike Any Past”. What a beautiful and melancholy meditation on that fairy tale with the swan brothers.

Cover art by Kat Weaver