“City of Wings and Song” free to read in Lackington’s

Lackington’s Issue 20 is now free to read online! If you didn’t buy this double anniversary issue when it came out last autumn, now’s your chance to read all these bird stories!

You can read my story “City of Wings and Song” here.

I remain very proud of this story of songbirds, rebellion, and a poet changing the world.

Ever since King Reia (blessed-chime-their-name) declared their passion for birdsong, Mereveh has become a haven for all who desire a pretty creature in a cage to sit on their balcony and proclaim to the city their loyalty to the undying king. The people of the city—the rich, the honey-lipped, the gold-bangled, at least—have never been happier.

But what of the birds?

The other stories in Issue 20 are also fantastic. I love what a diverse combination of stories this issue is! Lackington’s truly has some of the best editing in this field. The editor Ranylt Richildis’s vision is glorious.

Some particular favourites include Heavy Reprises of a Dark Berceuse, by Priya Sridhar; Shaman, by Damien Mckeating; and ” A Map to a Future Unlike Any Past“, by Karolina Fedyk. I got to beta read Karolina’s story: it’s so beautiful.