IT’S CAPSLOCK TIME. I just finished the official first draft of DV. *FIREWORKS* It is rough, especially towards the end when I started having serious lack-of-time problems; it’s a first draft. But for the first time ever, I have revised a novel. I now have a novel-length narrative (279 1,5-spaced pages in Open Office; 13,2587 […]

On being a stubborn fool

Apologies for the lack of updates this month! I’ve mostly just been plodding along with my novel revision. And then I, previously unemployed and with plenty of time on my hands, was suddenly inundated by a strange event: getting a job. Well, two jobs, in fact. One of them a two-week temp gig (next week […]

Poetry in October Snakeskin!

A lovely start to October: my poems Fragments and At Right Angles with Myself have been published in the October issue of Snakeskin (issue 190). Yay! I’m really pleased those two poems found a home. They’re two very different states of mind; I can remember with absolute clarity what I felt when writing each of […]