Poem for the year’s end

Soon off to celebrate the approaching new year. So here’s my last post of 2013, in the form of a just-written poem. Here’s to a good new writing year in 2014! * Year’s-end, year’s-beginning What words to wrap the year in? How to sing in the new? Should I end and begin with ringing bells […]

Poetry sale: Two poems in Chantarelle’s Notebook

My poems ‘Ninety-Eight’ and ‘City of Stones’ will be appearing in Issue #33 of Chantarelle’s Notebook – yay! ‘Ninety-Eight’ is a companion piece of sorts to ‘Microhistory’. It’s about family history too, specifically my late grandfather (on my dad’s side). ‘City of Stones’ is one of several poems inspired by my walks in my local […]

Poetry publication: Two poems in Snakeskin

Two of my poems are now online in the December issue of Snakeskin: ‘Microhistory’ and ‘Rain-washed’. Both of these were written last summer. ‘Rain-washed’ happened after a glorious thunderstorm. I always have to rush out to get drenched at least once a summer – there’s something wonderful about getting completely wet when the air is […]

Sunday recs: Poetry for a frosty evening

I’m drinking rooibos tea, all cosied up in a self-knitted shawl and wrist warmers. Mmm, knitted things. I discovered some poem links I’ve been meaning to share for ages, so here’s a few brilliant poems to brighten your Sunday evening: Foam, Braided with Teeth by Michele Bannister over at Stone Telling. I love Bannister’s poems […]

Nanowrimo: Failure

What a discouraging title! But it’s true. I set out with the goal of starting the second draft of Dim Vanities. Then, as November started shitting on me, I thought I’d at least get the 33 chapters read through and commented on. Well. That totally didn’t happen. I’ll admit it: there were more days in […]