Humbling experiences

A wonderful thing: when you finish reading a poem intended to be funny, and the whole room bursts out into loud, genuine laughter. At my writers’ group meeting today I read that poem I edited yesterday (it’s about a demon bus driver… in a way). It was intended to be a funny piece – but […]

‘Bitter Mnemosyne’ available online!

Tonight, after my work day followed by two hours of volunteer work for a folk music organisation whose board I’m in, I’ve been doing poetry stuff. Submitted a few poems; edited a poem from February that I came across in my notebook; decided to read that and another short poem at tomorrow’s writers’ group meeting. […]

Strange Horizons 2013 Fund Drive

So! It’s September, and that means it’s time for Strange Horizons’ annual fund drive. I’m posting to signal-boost this thing, because people, with just a few dollars (or as much as you like!), you can help one of the best SFF magazines keep operating. From this Strange Horizons blog post: Strange Horizons is — all […]

Poetry sale: Interfictions

I’m extremely happy to announce that my piece ‘Orthography: A Personal History’ will be published in Interfictions. It’s really exciting to be part of a new, intriguing publication like Interfictions. And I’m so pleased my piece found a home! I call it a poetry sale, although really – true to the spirit of Interfictions – […]


Oh – in my previous post I totally forgot to say that you should definitely read all the other poems in the current issue of Through the Gate as well as mine! The other poems are by Bogi Takács, Rose Lemberg, Mari Ness and Sonya Taaffe, and they’re gorgeous pieces every one of them. I’m […]

Two things: Through the Gate and Niteblade

My two forthcoming poems have now forthcome! ‘Boat-husk’ is available now in issue 4 of Through the Gate. Read it here. ‘Boat-husk’ is part of my worldbuilding-through-writing experiment: before I start to write a novel set in this forest world, I’m writing poems and short(ish) stories set in it, to get a feel for the […]