Poetry sales to Goblin Fruit

Some happy news: my poems ‘Shrug Charm’ and ‘Sorrow-stone’ will be published in the Spring and Summer issues of Goblin Fruit! I love Goblin Fruit – the issues are always gorgeous, well-thought-out and full of talented poets – so I’m pretty much over the moon to be published in such a lovely magazine. I’ll post […]

Sunday recs: Two poems, two stories

Long time no Sunday recs. In my defence, the past month or so was intensively filled by doing PhD applications. Last weekend was my first in ages when I was free to do non-academia stuff, so I shamefully neglected my blog. But now! Rec time! First let’s have an invocation to The God of Lost […]

‘The Alchemist’s Lover’ now online

The Alchemies issue of CSHS is now online, yay! You can read my poem here: ‘The Alchemist’s Lover’. Do check out the rest of the issue as well – there’s some really good poetry there, and a few intriguing pieces of visual art, too.

Poetry sale: ‘The Alchemist’s Lover’

I’m amused by the fact that my most recent publications both have ‘lover’ in the title. In other words: ‘The Alchemist’s Lover’ will be published in the next issue (‘Alchemies’) of CSHS. Yay! I’m currently applying for a PhD, and since my data consists of some medieval English alchemical texts, of course I had to […]