On finishing

I just finished a poem I’ve been working on for the past month – at least, I think I finished it, because you never know. I might want to tweak it. I might get brilliant comments from someone that make me want to change it. But soon it’ll have to be ready, because I mean […]

Sunday recs: sf/f poetry and discussion

I was down with the flu most of last week, so I’ve been too tired and braindead to work on any of my writing projects. Sad. Hopefully the coming week will be better in that respect! I should post here more than just for Sunday recs. But on weekdays, after work + writing/socialising/dance class/insert other […]

Sunday recs: Sf with a dash of fairytale

Happy Sunday, everyone. It’s a grey, mushy one over here, with something unpleasant falling from the sky (ugh, sleet, whyyyy) and the lovely snow turning to slush. I have to go out in a moment, into that mess, but before that – here are some recs again. First, the fairytale: Houdini’s Sister by Christine Hamm. […]

Sunday recs: anagrams etc.

Here’s a sundry bevy of recs: If Poets Wrote Poems Whose Titles Were Anagrams of Their Names. Some more here and here. I especially enjoyed Eliot, Dickinson, and William Carlos Williams. The WCW parody made me giggle out loud. 😀 Here are a couple of my favourite poems from February’s Snakeskin. Fat by Beccy Pert: […]

First publication of the year!

I woke up with aches and pains: it seems my neck and back did not appreciate yesterday’s shenanigans. But checking my email brought some lovely news: My poem Kinds of Truth is now online in the February issue (#193) of Snakeskin. It’s quite a recent poem, written in mid-December in the wee hours of the […]