Poem to appear in The Stare’s Nest

My poem “The World in Springtime” will appear in The Stare’s Nest in about a week’s time! Huzzah! Springtime seems very far away in Finland right now, though. We had horrendous sleety weather yesterday (which I biked through heroically); today it’s grey and rainy, and I’ve got a sore throat and a cold. Siiiigh. Come […]

Sunday recs

I probably should’ve spent this evening recovering from a busy three-day medieval studies conference and a day of active exploring. Instead, I submitted poetry to quite a few places. Not very restful, but useful – I’ve been lax with submitting poetry, or anything really, the past month. * My recs for tonight: Myrrha by Mari […]

Sunday recs: Fairytales

Three fairytale-tinged recs for you tonight. First, two tales from Daily Science Fiction, new takes on traditional tales, from points of view forgotten in the originals: Beans and Lies by Mari Ness: an incisive super-short piece with a proper punch at the end. Toadwords by Nathaniel Lee: a tale that really made me think about […]

Tweet tweet: @suchwanderings

Aaand a wee announcement: I am finally on Twitter now as suchwanderings. I’ve procrastinated over getting a Twitter account for well over a year because I’ve been afraid it’ll swallow up all my time… but the writing conversations over there are so interesting, and it seems like a great way to keep up with all […]

Spec poetry article at Bookslut

Bookslut has an article on speculative poetry by Sessily Watt, featuring a review of Stone Telling 11. (The existence of this piece was kindly pointed out to me by Carrie Naughton. Thanks, Carrie!) I was pretty much over the moon when I saw that the article includes a discussion of my poem “Kuura (extract from […]

“Palimpsest” in March issue of Snakeskin

Nice poetry news for this grey Monday: my poem “Palimpsest” is in the March issue of Snakeskin. Read it here! I wrote “Palimpsest” in August 2013, during a poem-a-day week (which I enjoy doing occasionally, especially with my friend Kat). I do love comparing textual/manuscript things to emotions and such intangible things.

“The Ruin” in Luna Station Quarterly

First actual publication of 2015 – my short story “The Ruin” is now up in Issue 21 of Luna Station Quarterly. Read it here! I’m especially pleased that this story has been published, because it’s set in a forest world I’ve been developing for a while. As I think I mentioned here before, my poem […]