Huzzah! she shouted

I thought today was going to be a horrendous day, because I had to get up after barely six hours of sleep (for the third or fourth time running) and there was a panda zombie staring at me in the bathroom mirror. It’s been much better than I thought. Firstly: there is snow! Huzzah! Beautiful, […]

Poetry sale to Chantarelle’s Notebook

My poem ‘October’s End’ will appear in Issue #29 of Chantarelle’s Notebook. Am very pleased that this poem (written way back in Oct/Nov 2009) has found a home. I’ll post a link when it’s up! In other writing news, I wrote 6000 words of Nano on Sunday in a (rather successful) attempt at stress relief. […]

Drastic changes: they can work

On Wednesday, I finally decided to do something I’ve never done before in my five years of Nanowrimo: to abandon the story I was working on and start a new one. Now, when I say ‘abandon’ I don’t mean entirely – no, I’ll probably work on the 31K of the first story eventually. Could work […]

Procrastinating with poetry

Today has so far not included Nano-ing. I’m going to try to get a little bit written now, but doubt will catch up today (yesterday was not a good word count day). I hope to catch up during the weekend! Anyway, in my defence, I’ve had rather useful ways of procrastinating from Nanowrimo today. First, […]


Two things on this dark, dreary November Monday: 1) Nanowrimo is still trudging along. I don’t really have too much mental energy to spend on my story, sadly, so it isn’t sparkling, and meanders too much, etc. But with much editing, this year’s Nano might perhaps have the potential for a novelette or similar shorter […]

Strange Horizons fund drive

Before I knuckle down to my Nanowrimo writing for the day: There are still a couple more days to go in the Strange Horizons fund drive – see here for ten reasons to donate, and here for the main fund drive page. Strange Horizons is a wonderful speculative fiction publication – please consider making a […]

Nanowrimo, day 1

Heyup. Have officially passed the word count for the first day of Nanowrimo 2012! Fifth Nano year, here I come. Exhausted from real-life things. But gosh, it felt rather awesome to escape into my own world for a while – to start something completely new, something utterly unknown! My Nanovel this year is high fantasy. […]