Drastic changes: they can work

On Wednesday, I finally decided to do something I’ve never done before in my five years of Nanowrimo: to abandon the story I was working on and start a new one.

Now, when I say ‘abandon’ I don’t mean entirely – no, I’ll probably work on the 31K of the first story eventually. Could work as a novelette or novella rather than a longer thing. But for now, in this dreary November when my brain is on overload, it just wasn’t the right story to write. I’m really glad I got it started – a lot of interesting things there – but I’m even more glad that instead of choosing to just plod along with the first story, uninspired, I chose to start a new one.

Of course I’m keeping all the words of the first story, Nano-wise. So, that means I should fit this new story into less than 20K. Hahahahaha. Erm. We’ll see. Because apparently, I’m pretty darned excited by this new, folk tale / family relationships / castles / changelings / folk music inspired story. Have written about 7500 words in the past three days, thus managing to finally – YAY – catch up on word count again. Currently at 38,621 words. Trying to resist the temptation to write any more tonight, because it’s past midnight and I should be somewhat awake at dance training tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I’m going to try to persuade my new protagonist Katherine to get her story finished in less than 12K; or, more importantly, within November. I don’t want to have an unfinished Nano-thing pestering me in December. December is for poems and short(er) stories, dangnabbit.