Nanowrimo, day 1

Heyup. Have officially passed the word count for the first day of Nanowrimo 2012! Fifth Nano year, here I come.

Exhausted from real-life things. But gosh, it felt rather awesome to escape into my own world for a while – to start something completely new, something utterly unknown!

My Nanovel this year is high fantasy. Something of the sort, at least. It’s about a woman and her journey to discover new things, it’s about languages and friendships and travelling players (maybe), about conflicting beliefs and epic landscapes and loves. Vaguest description ever! I do know more about the story than that, but frankly, I’m so tired now that I can’t do a coherent description.

But I’m enjoying it. Even though this is the least I’ve ever planned a novel (I have a few pages’ worth of scrambled notes, but that’s it). Pantsing ftw, this year! Who knows what’s going to happen to my main character? I certainly don’t. But I hope I’ll enjoy the process of finding out.