Sunday recs: pirates, space, ghuls

Sunday recs! Three stories I’ve enjoyed lately: With a Golden Risha by P. Djéli Clark (in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly) – a fun epic tale of air pirates and music. I enjoy it when music is used to further plot. Monsters in Space by Angela Ambroz (in Shimmer) – featuring an extremely entertaining narrator, such an […]

My novelette “Moss” out in Silver Blade!

Eeeep! I didn’t realise that my novelette “Moss” had already appeared in Silver Blade Magazine – but it has! This is my longest published story to date – a novelette, eeee! I feel so happy it’s out and I can share it with everyone! Read “Moss” here! Note: trigger warning for (implied) incest: the story […]

Story sale to Silver Blade Magazine

Good writing news to start off May: my novelette “Moss” will be published in Silver Blade Magazine! I’m really happy that this 14,200-word baby is going to go forth into the world – it will be my longest published story to date. It’s set in the same forest world as “Boat-husk” and “The Ruin” … […]