Elohopeaa, korpinmustaa: esikoistietokirjailijan alkemistinen taival

Tästä se alkaa. Nimittäin esikoistietokirjailijan taipaleen bloggaus tämän Viisasten kiven metsästäjät -blogin kautta. Päätin, että haluan dokumentoida omaa tietäni kirjoittaessani kirjaa, jonka työnimenä on Kultaa ja kuolemattomuutta: Länsimaisen alkemian historiaa. Valmistuin kesällä 2021 filosofian tohtoriksi englannin kielen oppiaineesta Turun yliopistosta. Miten tämä liittyy alkemiaan? Siten, että väitöskirjani käsittelee englanninkielisiä alkemistisia käsikirjoitustekstejä 1400-1600-luvuilta, eli olen sitä […]

Reprint sale to GlitterShip

My story “Birch Daughter“, which appeared in Fireside in 2018, is going to appear as a reprint in the wonderful queer SFF podcast GlitterShip. I’m really looking forward to having this story in audio format! This is my first reprint sale, so it’s a milestone, too. Yay!

“City of Wings and Song” free to read in Lackington’s

Lackington’s Issue 20 is now free to read online! If you didn’t buy this double anniversary issue when it came out last autumn, now’s your chance to read all these bird stories! You can read my story “City of Wings and Song” here. I remain very proud of this story of songbirds, rebellion, and a […]

“City of Wings and Song” is out!

My story “City of Wings and Song” is out in the newest issue of Lackington’s — Issue 20, a double anniversary issue on the theme of Birds. The issue is currently available for purchase in ebook form, and I definitely recommend getting it — Lackington’s is impeccably edited and their stories always work in conversation with […]

Story sale: “City of Wings and Song” to Lackington’s

I’m giddy with happiness to be able to announce that my story “City of Wings and Song” will appear in Lackington’s, one of my dream markets. Lackington’s is an amazing magazine with ever-luminous prose, and I’m honoured to be included among their authors! My story will be part of the Birds issue, coming out this […]

A mouthful of microfiction

Cassandra Khaw did a microfiction challenge on Twitter on 31 August 2019, which I decided to try. I hadn’t really written Twitter fiction before, but it was actually an amazing experience — so great that I’ve actually done it again just two weeks after this berry fun (see my Twitter profile). (It’s very likely some […]

My Worldcon programme

First blog post on the new website – yay! Worldcon starts on Thursday, and I’ll be flying to Dublin tomorrow morning. This will be my second Worldcon – Helsinki in 2017 was the first – and I’m incredibly excited to be going. I will be in social mode throughout the con, so please come and […]

Award eligibility & 2018 in review

I had one piece out in 2018. My short story “Birch Daughter”, appeared in Fireside Magazine in November (and was included in the October issue of Fireside Quarterly): it’s eligible for your consideration. Read “Birch Daughter” here! My father told me that the spell was too strong to break, that I should never trust the forest-folk. But […]

Quick Sips review of “Birch Daughter”

The awesome Charles Payseur wrote a wonderful review of my story “Birch Daughter” (he also reviews other great Fireside stories in that post):   “Sweet and with a great sense of magic sweeping over the setting, the piece is quiet but resilient, full of a will to reach an ending full of warmth, comfort, and […]

Fireside Quarterly!

I received my contributor copy of Fireside Quarterly already a couple of weeks ago, but life has been so busy I’m only blogging about this now. But isn’t this magazine beautiful! Such great design. Some stories, including mine, have a fold-out of the illustration, which is super cool. Of course, Fireside Quarterly is also full of […]