Sunday recs: A bunch of lovely poetry from Goblin Fruit

I had so many poems from Goblin Fruit marked as “rec this” that I thought I’d put them all in the same goblintastic post. They’re from the newest issue as well as a couple of the older ones.

The Vow of Frozen Time by Alexandra Seidel, from the Winter 2014 issue. The language in this poem is simply gorgeous. The French adds a layer of magic and the attention to word-magic gives me that special kind of shiver that only poetry can accomplish.

The Right of It by Seanan McGuire (also from the Winter 2014 issue) is a great feminist reimagining of Snow White.

Learning My Way Around by Neile Graham, from the Autumn 2011 issue. A gorgeous call to adventure.

Lexicon by Kristin Gulotta, from the Spring 2013 issue. More word-magic – a delicious dictionary-poem.

Lastly, fittingly for the month, there’s April by Nita Sembrowich, also from the Spring 2013 issue. Such a breathtaking evocation of the wonder of spring – and those last lines! “treading on dragons / that time has turned to stone”… Magic.